Laboratory Systems

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and CE marked. 

Laboratory Systems founded in 1999, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of laboratory consumables.

Our Short Introduction :

Laboratory Systems presently a renowned name in laboratory consumables was initially a importer and trader of lab supplies. With passage of time, the company acquired sufficient experience and specialization in the field of laboratory plastic disposable items. By dint of its competence, we diversified to manufacture Micropipette Tips, Centrifuge Tubes, Serum Tubes, RIA Tubes, Tissue Embedding Cassettes, Biomedical Sharps Containers, Sample Containers, Cryo lab-ware and Liquid handling systems. With more then two decades of experience we have created numerous sucessfull brands LS, LabSys AdvanceONE, EcoTips, EcoTubes, EcoPipette and EcoTainer

Our Products